Over the years, many different singers & musicians have been part of The Tradesmen, including:
Doug Graybeal, Dennis Routt, Dave Dewhurst,
Tom Guffy, Ronnie Robertson, Tim Seals, Everett Evans, John Paul Jackson,
Arnold & Carol Villocino, Jane Lee Davis, Cathy Brier, Ron Bradley, Steve Allen,
Dusten Ridings, Lee Hulbert, Marci (Ford) Garduno, Patti Miller, Linda Miller,
Charlie Thomas, Chuck Crew, Trina Stockman, Brandon Stockman, along with
Cal Brewer & Jerry Roark who have filled in as bass singers.
Enjoy some of the photos of past Tradesmen groups.

Angie Cravens, Joyce Stockman, Dennis Routt, Terry Stockman, Doug Graybeal, Dave Dewhurst

Joyce Stockman, Terry Stockman, Carol Villocino, Arnold Villocino

The Tradesmen and Roadies - May 2000
Ron Bradley, Cathy Brier, Jerry Wimberly, Terry Stockman, Ken Bradley,
Joyce Stockman, Peggy Wimberly, Jane Lee Davis

The Tradesmen and Roadies - 2000
Jerry Wimberly, Peggy Wimberly, Terry Stockman, Joyce Stockman,
Cathy Brier, Jane Lee Davis, Ron Bradley

July 2000
Jane Lee Davis, Ken Bradley, Joyce & Terry Stockman, Cathy Brier, Ron Bradley

Feb. 2002
Joyce Stockman, Cathy Brier, Terry Stockman

Aug. 2002 - Having Fun in La Palma
Joyce Stockman, Jane Lee Davis, Cathy Brier, Terry Stockman, Dusten Ridings

Aug. 2002 - La Palma
Jane Lee Davis, Joyce Stockman, Terry Stockman, Cathy Brier, Dusten Ridings

Dec. 2003
Terry Stockman, Jane Lee Davis, Steve Allen, Cathy Brier, Joyce Stockman
(Joyce Stockman passed away in early 2004)

Feb. 2005
Terry Stockman, Patti Miller, Cathy Brier, Steve Allen

April 2005
Terry Stockman, Cathy Brier, Jane Lee Davis, Patti Miller

Oct. 2005
Patti Miller, Terry Stockman, Linda Miller

May 2007
Patti Miller, Terry Stockman, Linda Miller with Cal Brewer filling-in as bass

March 2008
Charlie Thomas, Brandon Stockman, Terry Stockman, Chuck Crew

Dec. 2008
Trina, Terry, Brandon, with Jerry Roark filling-in as bass

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